Streatham Hub Nursery

Support for Streatham Families

We believe that children and families, community development and partnership working are keystones in enhancing the quality of people’s lives.  

Under Two’s Unit Open!!

For your children’s well-rounded holistic development come to Streatham Hub Nursery where your children will thrive within a secure, loving and inclusive environment with friendly, well vetted and qualified staff who will support your children’s holistic development and support them to achieve their full potential.

We do this at Streatham Hub Nursery by offering a variety and plenty of stimulating and challenging but age-appropriate activities for all areas of your children’s learning through the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, which is the Statutory Curriculum for under 5 years of age children. 

Our knowledgeable staff team understand the value of play and how it helps children to learn. We listen to children, provide play opportunities, organise materials and equipment, and make suggestions to extend children’s play opportunities. The role of parents is promoted as that of an equal partner working together to find the best way forward for each individual child.

Come and pay us a visit and we will explain how the above curriculum works in practice at the nursery and watch our children learn through play.